Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What I like to call. Owned.

So last night, I wound up leaving my house around 12 something (midnight). I came home around 4 something and I as usual walked to my room. Turned on my monitor and was ready to see my computer exactly how I left it.

Well almost immediately I noticed I was missing a tab on firefox. No big deal, I probabbly accidentally Xed out of the window. Well sure enough, wrong. My younger sister came into my room and logged onto myspace from my computer. I know this because she didn't log out. She isnt a bright one when it comes to covering her tracks. But this means she woke up during the middle of the night walked into my dark room. Walked to my computer and turned on the monitor to see if my computer was unlocked.

Well I have a big thing about people touching my shit without my permission. So as soon as I saw her logged in, I walked into her room. Woke her up (remember this is close to 5 in the morning and she has to wake up soon for school) so I told her not to touch my computer. Then I went back and had some fun...Here is a picture of what I did: (if you cant see the whole thing, click to enlarge)

I changed her display name, Status/Mood and posted a bulliten under her myspace about the events of last night.

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