Sunday, January 20, 2008

oh Oh oh Oh uh oh, Its like music to my ears....

Tonight was another successful Out of Reach show. We played at Finn McCool's Tavern. It was a pretty cool venue.

The show was good, we had terrific sound. The vocals could of been up a little higher in my own opinion. My performance however wasn't too up to my standards. I have been pretty exhausted today. My friend and I were hanging out last night. Me and him chilled at his house. I checked out Assassins Creed for Xbox 360. Fantastic. After that we played some Gears of War and just chilled out. We wound up taking a walk on the country club by his area and it was nice, except for the cold.

Once we retreated back to his house we continued with our night. We had a spectacular conversation for most of the night. We attempted to play chess. Which was fun because we kept straying from the game and kept talking. From there we decided to try to get some rest. I went into his spare room and laid down on the bed. No more then 5 minutes past and my friend came into the room and startled me. We then went back into the room because he couldn't sleep. So I stayed up with him and we watched Army of Darkness. It was an awesome movie. It had me laughing and kept my interest. It had a pretty cool story line behind it too.

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