Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pirates will never die!

The Pirates Can't Be Stopped

This was a fantastic article about Pirates and the companies against them. MediaDefender is one of the bigger names, they also aren't the only enemies of the online pirate community. The R.I.A.A. and the M.P.A.A. are also two groups who are trying to take down "file sharing."

The thing I really don't seem to understand is that the whole idea behind this is "file sharing." Since when the fuck was it wrong to share something? Yes you might not know who you are sharing your download of The Transformers (2007) movie with, but thats not the point. The point this is a free service for all. Also the fact that most people don't wanna go out and buy a CD of an artist/band they like cause they only know one song off it. I know I wouldn't wanna spend 14+ bucks on a CD when I only know maybe one track. Also the fact that once you download something, if you like it you might be more inclined to buy it once you have the sufficient funds.

Well I am kinda getting off track here. My main problem is that there is all this legislation for putting these people in jail, when they are non-violent offenders. They aren't really harming anyone. Also if you try to argue that the bands/artists/film makers deserve their money for their work....well no. They are way too over paid to being with. Also the fact that bands hardly make any money to begin with. The record companies really fuck over bands. Also not to mention I am in a band.

Once we release our EP, you better believe that I will be burning copies for my friends for free. Unless they decide they would like to help us our and buy it for 5 bucks. However if the CD is uploaded to say a website like better! I would be so happy to find out people are uploading and downloading my bands music. That means its getting out there and more people are hearing about it. Job well done in my book.

But yeah Fuck the R.I.A.A., M.P.A.A. and MediaDefender. These guys are committing the real crimes.

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