Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If you dislike a band. You only need to voice your opinion ONCE!

So Carmen, Mike Derr and Dave (former friends of mine) were all talking shit on Saosin.....and this is the story behind it.

I am not a fan of them. Just someone who hates opinions from morons.

So anyway, they kept talking shit. So I removed them (mike and carmen, Dave is smart enough to keep his mouth shut...well at least so far) from my "friends" list.
Mike continued to talk shit on me and my band. I put my fucking life into my music, its one thing besides an illegal plant that makes me a happy person. Anyway, because I got so heated I decided Mike needs to learn to shut the fuck up and get some manners. I had all intentions of going to his house to beat the shit out of him. I showed up right after my shift at work was done (8 o'clock). He however was nowhere to be found and I'm the pussy....funny. Anyway here is my original message I sent to the Out of Reach myspace.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Kyle Mac
Date: Jan 23, 2008 6:27 PM

" well kyle mac, lets just say this, saosin is as gay as them cum farters on and if u dont like them who gives a fuck? i didnt know i would be a pussy for not listening to guys that look like girls cry about girls breaking up with them.... its just an opinion just like urs. and another opinion i got.... lets just say that if anthony would quit ur band, u guys should rename ur band Out Of Reach Of Talent... go blow the dude from fall out boy so u can cry on stage with him about his cuts on his wrist cuz his boyfriend dumped him. metal is not described as just pig squels and insane riffs that all ur talentless emo bands cant comprehend, its also a sound of godsent. the bible doesnt like fags, and niether do we. so im sure god would disagree with ur heroes blowing eachother on the tour bus, and side with us crazy metal heads. off topic now, but i must say emo is not the thing, its fucking gay and u ppl wouldnt know what a good band is if the singer cock slapped u in the face. not like saosin didnt do that already, but they suck. nuff said! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!"

This is from a "friend" of mine. Mike Derr.
Think I need to teach this pussy some manners.

And this is the reply I got:

"Well, he needs to know this. I'm a big fan of Saosin and I know that they are not emo at all. They do not sing about girls breaking up with them or cutting their wrists, or anything else like that unlike Hawthorne Heights. Does Mike think that we're emo because we're not. Maybe when Drew was in our band we were because of his lyrics being "Your life is nothing but a joke, go hang yourself with nylon rope, so it won't break your fall again, and force me to use my bare hands." With Anthony we are nowhere near being emo. Plus why does he care so much if Saosin is emo or not. It's not like we're forcing him to go to our show or even listen to Saosin. That's just one guys opionion so no one cares. Just because someone can play super fast riffs does not mean that it automatically makes it good. Most people who play metal probably don't even know anything about harmony or anything else about music. By the way is Mike even in a band?"

So sure enough, Mike isn't in a band. So this kid really doesn't have much credability going for him, except that hes a moron.

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